How "Mediocre" Michigan won the 1997 National Championship


All sports teams have a mantra that will try and set the tone for the season.

Michigan had one and it was simple, "Just Win".

But it wasn't just about winning games, it was about winning every battle.

Win every training session, win every individual battle, and win every day.

Easier said than done.

But the Michigan players wholeheartedly bought into it.


Michigan was not tipped to win the 1997 season.

They had one of the toughest schedules and no rest weeks.

To top it off they lost two of their best players in the pre-season

But what they had was a win at all costs mentality and to show up every single day.

With this mentality, they went 12-0 and beat Washington State in the Rose Bowl 21-16.

Fun Facts

Tom Brady was apart of the 1997 Michigan side, but he was not the starting QB of the side.

31 players from the 1997 Michigan side went on to play in the NFL